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Cleaning stainsEveryone has come across a stain they don’t know how to handle. Here are some of the most common stains and the treatment for them with household products.

  • Coffee –  either blot with white vinegar, rinse with cold water and then warm wash or rub an egg yolk into the stain, as most London cleaners do, then, rinse with cold water and then warm wash.
  • Red Wine – just soak in club soda then cold wash.
  • Rust – first rub with a salt and vinegar paste. Let sit like that  for 30 min and wash cold.
  • Berries – work detergent into the spot then soak it in cold water and detergent overnight. put detergent in the spot again and warm wash.
  • Blood – soak the fabric in cold water and a cup full of ammonia and then warm wash.
  • Ink – work the stain with a mixture of vinegar, dry, mild detergent and water, let it sit like that for 25 – 30 min, then rinse in cold water and warm wash.
  • Grass – work the stain with alcohol, if the material is thick enough to withstand it, if not just dab it then cold wash with bleach.
  • Grease – some cleaners in London use salt combined with paper towels to mop oils up. Then warm wash.
  • Chocolate and Cocoa Stains – rub the spot with borax and soap, wash in cold water.
  • Chewing gum – first rub the spot with ice to harden it, then scrape away as much of the gum as possible with a dull knife. Saturate what remains with a pre-wash stain remover, rinse, and wash as usual.