Cleaning a carpet can be an overwhelming task. Most people mess when cleaning their carpets and end up either damaging them or making them have permanent stains. Cleaning a rug in the right way helps you to live in a healthy environment.

Even if you try to keep your rug clean, it might be hard to avoid spills, drops and other minor accidents on your carpet. You can either clean your carpet using the DIY method or hire a carpet cleaning professional. Apply the tips below if you opt for the DIY approach.

1. Avoid rubbing your carpet

In case your carpet has a stain, use a clean cloth, a sponge or a towel and a cleaning solution to dab stains. You should, therefore, blot your carpet because it puts a little pressure on the stain and soaks it up.

If you rub, the particles will ground in the carpet fibre which leads to the premature breakdown of the fibres. You can blot them from the outside of that stain inward so that it can spread the stain.

2. Vacuuming

You should always vacuum your carpets at least once a week. In case it gets stained, ensure that you clean the stain immediately so that you cannot strain washing it. If you have time, you can vacuum it every day. If things get messier beyond your care, the professionals at Vale recommend an expert treatment of your floor coverings at least once every 2 months.

3. Furniture

Before cleaning your carpet, ensure that you remove furniture from it. In case the furniture is too heavy to be moved, put a plastic film under the legs of the furniture all the way around.

Don’t replace the furniture or walk on the carpet until it dries. In case you have unwanted and heavy furniture, you can remove it from your house and store it somewhere else like in a garage. You might also consider looking for storage in London and store your unused furniture.

4. Cleaning solution

Ensure that you test any cleaning solution on a small area of your carpet before using it. Some cleaning solutions can bleach your carpet and spoil it. Don’t be tempted to add other chemicals as a way of trying to make the cleaner stronger. Only use a cleaning product that has a seal of approval.

5. Cleaning style

When you put water on your carpet, don’t over-wet it. Start cleaning from the farthest point and end with the doorway as you head out. To dry the carpet, open the windows to make the place ventilated.  An important tip from is to always protect your bare skin at all cost.

Avoid closing a room that has wet a carpet unless the weather does not permit. In case you want to dry it very fast, you might consider switching on your air conditioning unit until your carpet dries up.

6 Use a cleaning machine

Sometimes it may be impossible to clean more than one carpet at the same time if you don’t have a washing machine. Instead of cleaning it using your hand, use a cleaning machine to save time and make work easier. You can also call a professional carpet cleaner to do it for you.

7. Train your pets

Most stains on the carpet come from pets that urinate on them. Pet urine can be smelly and causes your house to be stuffy. At other times pets cause accidents when playing and pour fluids on your carpet.

Train your pets to pee in specific places and ensure that they don’t play carelessly around everywhere. In case your pets cause accidents on your carpet, use organic cleaners. You can spray the carpet and wipe it with a towel or a piece of cloth.

8. Freeze dried chewing gum

Have you ever had a stain caused by chewing gum? That can be the most disgusting stain to remove as it doesn’t get off with pure water alone. To get rid of the sticky gross mess of chewing gum, use ice cubes.

Freeze ice cubes on the chewing gum for 30 seconds. After freezing the chewing gum until it gets solid, use a spoon to lift it up and cut the strands that are close to the carpet. Be careful not to cut a noticeable part of the carpet. However, this won’t work for water sports, where other tricks can work.

It is essential to clean your carpet regularly so that your house can stay fresh. You might opt for steam cleaning if you want to deep clean your carpet. Before cleaning your carpet, remove all unnecessary items. Practice getting rid of stains immediately your carpet gets them to avoid a hard task when cleaning the whole carpet.