Christmas oven clening and cookingThere are less than two weeks before the biggest holiday. Christmas is coming and we need to be prepared, this is why I started my personal Christmas countdown. To be honest, my favourite thing about celebrating the birth of Jesus aren’t the presents we give and get. It’s something else. For me, Christmas is the only time when I get go be with my whole family, and the thing I enjoy the most, is the delicious food. Preparing several tasty meals requires using your oven, so I’ve gathered some easy to follow advice on Christmas oven cleaning.

It is no secret, a dirty oven can completely ruin the taste of food. Food residues will burn when exposed to high temperature, resulting in an additional smell or taste to your meal. To prevent that from happening, you need to give your kitchen appliance a good scrub and prepare it for the Christmas cooking marathon. Following the steps described below will save you both time and efforts.


Take all the things you will need and gather them around you for easy reach. In case you are wondering which are those, I’ll give you a hint on the essentials: oven cleaner, rubber gloves, metal scraper, paper towels and a microfiber cloth.


Make sure you’ll provide good ventilation in your kitchen and protect your hand’s skin. Oven cleaning products are the strongest cleaning detergents, which have toxic ingredients in their table of content. You’ll need to be careful, not to breathe the fumes and not to forget wearing protective rubber gloves, as oven cleaners work corrosive on skin.


To preform a fantastic oven cleaning  easy and quick, take all racks and trays out. Place those in the sink to wash after. Start by scrubbing out burned food residues, with the metal scraper. Once ready, spray the inside of your oven with the cleaner of your choice and rub it in with a cloth. Consider also spraying the racks and trays in the sink. After this procedure, check if there are any stains left, and if not, you can proceed with the oven door glass and the outside. Use a milder cleaner for those parts, dry with a cloth after and you are done! Take the clean and dry racks and trays, to put them back in.

Now that your kitchen appliance is spotless, thanks to the advice on easy Christmas oven cleaning, you can start with the best part – cooking all the meals and be sure, their taste will be no less than superb!