A brilliant crystal chandelier is an amazing accessory to every room. It can turn an ordinary room into a wonderful place where to enjoy every minute spent there. They hang from the ceiling and are usually difficult to reach which makes them hard to clean. But the accumulated dust can prevent the light from spreading into the room and make the chandelier look not so magnificent.

If you haven’t cleaned the chandelier for ages, professional London cleaning experts recommend removing the crystals one by one and wiping them off by hand on an individual basis. When you do this, you have to remember the exact position of all the crystal as each of them is usually different and assorted in a particular way.

When you wash the crystal, you have to use only lukewarm water and mild dish soap. Never use hot or boiling water as it might damage the crystals. You should also be very careful when drying them.

However if you clean the chandelier on a regular basis, it will not be necessary to remove the crystals. If they are not quite filthy, but just a little dusty, you can wipe them while they are hung. It can be a motivation for you to clean the chandelier on a regular basis, because you will not have to do the difficult task of taking off and then on every piece of crystal. This process can even cause a pain in the neck and that’s why it is better to avoid it.

If the crystals are too dirty, you can try to prepare a cleaning solution that consists of one part isopropyl alcohol and three parts of distilled water. The ordinary tap water has minerals that create streaks. You should avoid using cleaners, containing chemicals as most of them just damage the crystals.

Leading cleaning London specialists advise you to use the aforementioned tips in order to clean effectively your magnificent crystal chandelier. They will help you maintain this beautiful accessory always in the best condition.