Camden carpet cleaning know that lookUrine stains on your carpet are quite common occurrence if you have pets in your home, or in some cases little children. The stains are not always visible but you can definitely feel them with your nose during the warmer days and months. But luckily there many was to deal with stains, and the unpleasant odours that they leave behind. I would share some different tips on how to deal with them.

It’s quite common for pets to urinate on your carpet more than once. They are repeat offenders. The urine is form of marking in the animal world and that is why they do it. The place they prefer to urinate is either the carpet or the corner of some furniture.

There are two kinds of urine stains fresh and old. But there are ways to deal with both of them. We advise you do follow these recommendations.

If the stain is fresh blot it up with paper towels but don’t apply too much pressure. Make your own cleaning solution using baking soda, dish washing soap and hydrogen peroxide. Mix 2 cups 3% hydrogen peroxide, with 2 tablespoons baking soda and 5 drops dish washing soap in a spray bottle. Shake it so that they mix good. Then treat the stain by saturating the area with that cleaning solution. Leave the area to completely dries on its own and vacuum it.

Cleaning old urine stains is relatively easy using 2 cleaning solutions that you can create on your own. The ingredients for the first one are 1 teaspoon neutral detergent and 1 cup lukewarm water and for the other is created from 1 tablespoon ammonia and 1/2 cup water. Treat the old urine stain with the first cleaning solution, followed by the second and then the first one again. Finally sponge it with clean water.

If nothing else helps against the stain, which is highly unlikely, then ask Camden carpet cleaning professionals to help you remove the urine stains from the carpet.