Hard water stains are caused by buildup of calcium and magnesium. Those two minerals can be found in hard water and together they create lime scale which could be very difficult to remove.

When it comes to hard water stains, prevention is always better than any cleaning method. If you clean showers, faucets and bathroom mirrors more frequently, you would stop the build up of hard water minerals.

If you already have a lime scale problem, read below and learn how to cope with it. Hard water stains can easily be removed by using products you could find in every home such as white vinegar, baking soda and lemons. By choosing to use homemade cleaning solutions you would not only help yourself, but will also help protect nature. As you probably know, chemicals in commercial cleaning detergents are one of the main causes of environment pollution.

Here are some examples for homemade hard water stains cleaning products, suggested by Hammersmith cleaners:

  • Vinegar – A strong cleaning solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water is ideal for cleaning hard water stains from shower doors. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray the stained area completely. You could also use a sponge to rub the most stubborn stains. When the stains disappear, rinse the shower door with warm water and dry it with soft paper towels.
  • Lemons – Cut a lemon in half and rub it directly on the stain. When the stains are cleaned rinse the area with warm water to remove all lemon residues.
  • Baking soda – make a thick paste of white vinegar and baking soda, apply it on the stains and let it stay there for a while. Then rinse the baking soda with a damp cloth and dry with a paper towel.

If none of those homemade cleaners succeed in removing the hard water stains, you should try buying a commercial cleaning product. Be careful when choosing one as some of them are very toxic could cause serious health problems. Also remember to keep strong chemicals out of reach of children and pets.