house cleaning servicesGoing out with friends for a drink and nice dinner in a lovely restaurant, but suddenly the tomato sauce from your spaghetti gets on your beautiful dress and destroys the nice evening. In case, you get yourself in such situation, don’t panic, you can get rid of these red stains and restore the original look of your beautiful dress. Here are several steps for cleaning tomato stains:

  1. Good news are that tomato stains have an oil component that most liquid dish soaps can remove effectively. Even if you’re in a restaurant, there must be liquid dish soap in the resting room.
  2. Start the cleaning London procedure with applying a little dish soap on the tomato stain.
  3. Cleaning tomato stains is much easier that most people think it is. Just scrub the tomato stain with your fingers or by rubbing the two sides of the fabric together. Make sure that you’re very gently when doing it, otherwise you might damage the fabric.
  4. Once you’ve scrubbed the ugly tomato stain, rinse the affected area with cold water.
  5. In case, there are any reminding of tomato sauce on your dress, repeat the cleaning procedure.
  6. When the tomato stains are removed, you can continue the dinner with your friends without worrying about your dress. When you go home, laundry the dress as usual.
  7. House cleaning services advise you to avoid drying your dress till all tomato stains are completely removed.

Cleaning tomato stains isn’t so difficult, therefore, there is no need to panic when some of your spaghetti sauce gets on your lovely dress, just got to the resting room and follow the steps above.