There are different areas, that you have to stress on, when you are moving out and are important part of the post tenancy cleaning process. One of those critical areas is the bathroom. This is a place, that is used every day and a lot of filth and bacteria accumulate there. Therefore it’s very important not only to clean it good, but disinfect it as well. Using detergents, that kill germs is mandatory. Usually on the back of the wrap of the detergent is written how to use it, how long does it have to stay, to disinfect.

After you picked up the cleaning treatment, that you are going to use and have everything by your side, looks like it’s time to start cleaning. Well don’t forget the equipment. Everything like rubber gloves, protective goggles, brushes.

Before you spay all the areas like sink, toilet bowl with the detergents, it is a good advice to provide the room with good ventilation. Open the windows ( in case there are any). And even after that, you could put a cloth to cover your mouth.

You could use three types of cleaners to get the job done. The first are so called all-purpose cleaners, they are good for the walls and the floor or basically places, that are not that worn. Second type of cleaners is acid based cleaners. If you have soap scum build up around in the corners or between the stripes, this is your solution. The third type could be used, when it comes time to clean lime scale from the inside of the toilet bowl or the sink, bath tub also. To get the best results, you should leave the treated area to sit with a detergent for a night.

Sometimes good will and effort are simply not enough. Sometimes maybe it is a good idea to search for professional end of tenancy cleaning service in order to get the desired result.