There are some things you need to know before cleaning your carpet. You need to choose the best way to clean your carpet, suitable with your type of carpet and the type of stains. One of the best ways to clean your carpet is by using steam-cleaning. This method uses hot water under pressure, carpet cleaning solutions and extreme vacuum suction. When using steam-cleaning machine be sure to follow the instruction and be careful with the chemicals you are using.

Here are some useful tips how to clean your carpet.

First, you need to know how to operate with a hot water extraction machine. This will make your job easier. When you buy or rent the machine from the store, you should test it before leaving the store. During the cleaning process you will need a carpet shampoo or other chemicals and hot water. It is a good idea to test the cleaning solutions, in advance to ensure that they are safe to use with your carpet.

You need to remember that soap attracts dirt, so measure it properly. You might apply the shampoo with a pressure sprayer. Give the shampoo some time to work into your carpet or rug.

After that you can start the cleaning process and be patient. This process takes some time, use hot water this way you will prevent leaving any soapy residues.

Finally you need to dry the carpet, the best way to do that is by using fans or air conditioner to move the air around.

However, if you cannot handle the cleaning on your own you can hire on of the carpet cleaning London companies.