cooking and cleaningRecent news report: “Cleaning the oven is rated as the worst house chore”. Among 10 domestic cleaning jobs, oven cleaning takes the first place in the survey. But no one says a word about cookware maintenance. Scrubbing burned pots and pants isn’t like a walk in the park, and everyone can benefit from useful advice on how to do it in a simple way.

Cooking is an art. You need a blank canvas to get creative and innovative. No one can get inspired, if they have to cook in dull burned pots and pans. Read this article and discover the best ways to preform an easy cookware cleaning.

Sometimes only soap won’t make a the trick and clean burned pots and pans. In such cases adding baking soda, will boost the detergent’s power and scrubbing stubborn stains will be much easier to do after.

cleaning cookware

Preventing a stain to set in and become permanent is another clever tip to keep in mind. Spare yourself the elbow grease by pouring some club soda in the pan, while still warm. This way you will prevent the possibility for food to stuck. Use this trick successfully on cast iron pots and pans, because they are particularly heavy, which makes them even harder to be cleaned.

If you want to make cookware sparkle, use lemon. It’s a pretty simple technique, just cut a slice and use it to rub the whole surface – inside and out. Once finished, take a soft cloth to buff with.

In case non of the above mentioned products is able to remove the stains on your cookware, go to the extreme and use oven cleaner. It’s one of the most powerful cleaner of all. Do it as a last measure, in situations where nothing else works.

When using oven cleaner , you must wear protective rubber gloves. Put them on and spray the stained pots and pans. Place all items in a plastic garbage bag, close it tight and leave to stay so for the night. Don’t forget to keep your face away form the toxic fumes, when opening it the next morning. Take the cookware out and wash it. Wear rubber gloves during the whole procedure.

Now you know how to clean your cookware in an easy and effective way.

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