clean kitchenThe kitchen is the place to clean more often, mainly because food is being prepared in there. Maintaining your kitchen spotless will benefit your health. It is common for most families to spend more time in there, as in the living room. Due to that fact, this “cooking” room often becomes a mess. And this is the main reason why it is good to be informed about the easiest kitchen cleaning tips and be able to apply them in your home.

In order to clean your kitchen fast and good at the same time, you have to know where to start from and what to do exactly. Follow the advice of professional cleaners and learn the best kitchen cleaning tips.

Always start from the top to the lower parts and finish with the floor. This is how dirt spreads originally. The last thing you want is to begin with the floor, only to make it dirty again after cleaning the cabinets and counters, and double the job.

Supply all you will be needing for kitchen cleaning and de-clutter the room. Make sure all non-kitchen items are moved away and the other ones are where they belong, not out on the counters. Begin with the kitchen appliances like the oven, the microwave, coffee maker, etc. You can clean them easily, using only baking soda and vinegar, without the help of any chemical containing commercial cleaners. Just a put one cup vinegar in the oven and another one in the microwave and bring it to boil. Leave it stay there for half an hour.

Use the spare time to dust both the ceiling and the walls. Continue with the windows – inside and out. That also applies for the kitchen cabinets – empty them and wipe. Clean all counter surfaces with an appropriate cleaning product. Once finished, according to my cleaners in Bethnal Green, it is time for the last step – the floor. Vacuum it, then mop. Now your kitchen is spotless and ready for preparing of delicious meals for your whole family to enjoy, thanks to those easy to apply professional cleaning tips.