With the new buildings and skyscrapers, already approved for or still under construction in London, cleaning business in the city will get really high rates, comparing it with the results in present times. Cleaning companies, that provide one off cleaning services or regular cleaning, are expanding their services, by adding high-rise window cleaning, mostly used in cleaning bucket lifts, exterior elevators and French windows. For all of this cleaning agencies need of serious technology and equipment, which means that they have to invest a big amount of money. This is a very important investment, required of cleaning agencies, and it will be recouped in multi- year, multi million pound cleaning contracts.

It is known that more than a dozen of these new constructions, are planned to reach more than 200m in height. Most of them are said to be used for accommodating shops and business offices. And it is essential for everything there to be cleaned and well maintained. Since the skyscrapers are really high, cleaners must be well equipped and fully trained in climbing and working with cleaning products and tools, in such conditions.

It is planning that Rock- climbing schools and venues will increase the number of people, coming to take a full course in climbing and most of them will be working as professional cleaners. Actually such work is really dangerous, so that every person, must be able to work under pressure and react adequate in any situation. But for this, they will be paid really good.

Most companies, providing cleaning services will direct their business in offering cleaning services for the business buildings and skyscrapers. But this doesn’t mean there will be no left agencies to hire for end of tenancy cleaning London services or other type of domestic cleaning. The demand of cleaning in private residences will not get decreased. In fact some of the buildings offer apartments where people can live. So services like one off cleaning, move out cleaning, pre tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning and many more, will keep being used by private customers.