No, this isn’t some sort of a joke, many women working from home like to add a little feminine touch to their home working area or office. This could actually improve inspiration and raise their work capacity too.

Any remodeling, as any practical lady would tell you begins with a decent clean up of the place, if you don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself get some domestic cleaning services Bloomsbury cleaning businesses will be happy to service you. Chances are that there will be some mess after the office renovation so instead of doing all the additional work yourself, you can roll back and use help. Local industry listings will provide a list of good cleaners to choose from. Professional interior designers recommend to start the remodeling or renovation of the particular home office with a sound colour selection for the paint. Since it’s an office but an inspirational one as well, it will be good to mix neutral, relaxing colours with bold and aggressive colours to create trendy and stimulating visual effects. If desired, opt for feminine patterns for wallpapers and furniture finishes, floral prints and lace prints on accessories could look great when combined properly.

Keep the place clutter free, clutter isn’t inspirational, it eats up your breathing and thinking space so keep it at bay with no excess furniture or additional prettying up. The addition of special accessories that stand out and draw attention is fine, they are not considered clutter, unless there is ten of them of course. Take office chairs for example, they could be designed in many different ways to suit your home office and yet keep clutter away from the place. Consider using special feminine tools of the trade so to speak. For women designers or graphic artists there are many floral or feminine styled pencil boxes, drawing boards and what not. Art pieces are also included in the design, if you have favourite pieces or if you make your own art by all means display some of it in your home office and draw some inspiration.