traveling“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

This is probably my favorite travel quote of all time. Since I love visiting new places and getting to know different cultures, I decided to share with you 5 simple traveling tips.

1. Toys – when you are traveling with your children it is very important that you take their favorite toys with you. Kids are very attached to their toys and having them around will calm them down and in a good mood. If you get stuck in the hotel room due to bad weather for instance, the toys are the perfect back up plan for keeping the children occupied.


2. Food – although airlines and hotels offer food to their customers it is not a bad idea to take some snacks with you. Many travelers end up disliking the local food but have no other choice but to get use to it because restaurants are often too expensive. By bringing some food with you, you will be able to avoid this unpleasant moment.


3. Extra clothes – when you are traveling by airplane your are allowed to bring only a single handbag with you on the airplane. When you are packing your handbag make sure to include some clothes in it as well. Consider this as a preventive measure in case your suitcase gets lost. Imagine how unpleasant it will be not to be able to change after a long exhausting flight.

extra clothes

4. First aid kit – always have a first aid kit with you, especially if you are traveling with your children. Children have the amazing talent of getting hurt even in the softest places and having a first aid kit will allow you to take care of your child’s wounds quickly.

first aid kit

5. Choose the right airline – some airlines have numerous entertainment options which are especially valuable if you are travelling with a kid . Everything starting from movies, gaming consoles and toys would be helpful in your child’s fight against boredom during the flight.

airline entertainment

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And at last – don’t forget to leave all your worries at home, so that you’ll really enjoy the journey.