Hate cleaningWe all have to do things that we hate doing. For someone that is getting up before noon, for others it ‘s walking the dog twice everyday. For the readers of this article it must be the everyday cleaning, that drives them crazy. So here are some pieces of advice for those who hate cleaning.

Cleaning isn’t something we can avoid forever. Sure, we can postpone it for a while, but eventually the time will come when it will be necessary either to clean up or to move out. So if we can’t move out every time our place needs carpet cleaning (few people can), we need to find other ways to solve this problem. Let’s think creative and find the solution, that suits us best.

To get a wife to do this for you is an idea, but what if she also hates cleaning ? To avoid this horrible situation, check this first, before engaging into a relationship based on the wrong purposes. Women just need to marry a wealthy guy and convince him to get a maid. (I’m sorry, we have it easier.)

Other thing you can do is live with your parents till you’re 40 and hope that they will continue to clean up your mess without constantly complaining about it.

If you haven’t found the decision yet, here are some other tips you can find useful. Get help from your friends or hire professional carpet cleaning London services to do the job for you. Anyway if you think about it, there are more things that we have to do everyday, which are much more worse than cleaning.