kill germs with natural productsEveryone would like a clean floor, but think, again, how do you clean it? With toxic chemicals that cut through all known germs and grime. Yes, but is it healthy?

Green cleaning is the eco-friendly alternative to all chemicals used for wiping the floor. There are two main floor cleaning solutions to keep your floor shiny without using toxic cleaners.

Many products and supplies can make good floor cleaners. Here are the most effective ones according to professional cleaning services providers.

Water: pure warm water can serve as good cleaner if you have a linoleum floor. Simply wipe it clean without adding any toxic ingredients.

Liquid soap: dish soaps are perfect. They are safe enough for dishes so why not use such for polishing the floor. Rinse and dry with soft cloth.

Baking soda is a good scrubber. When there is a sticky annoying substance on your floor, remove it with baking soda and water paste. There will be no debris. Be careful and do not scratch it with any sharp objects.

Daily cleaning with vinegar – this is what professional cleaning services would recommend. Vinegar only diluted in warm water can be used for daily disinfection.

Scent and clean the floor with essential oils. Use eucalyptus oil or rosemary. They smell fresh, but also have good disinfecting properties.

No Need-to-Rinse Floor Solution

This is the easiest way, you can just spray and go. To prepare the solution you need an empty spray bottle, one cup vinegar and lavender essential oil. Wipe your floor first and then spray. Lavender brings in some fresh aroma and vinegar cleanses.