DIY wooden furnitureHi, I’m Inna Gray and I’m the new member of the great family of I’m keen on home interior design and decoration, and I’ll share my experience and inspiration with you. Moreover, I prefer to create home decoration and different DIY projects using old items.

Home decorating can be nice and environmentally friendly at the same time. There are so many different ways to keep your home looking amazing and my favourite one is recycling old things. I recommend that you think twice the next time when you are going to throw an old object (like wooden box) that you think you will never use again, first test your imagination, you never know what an idea it can come up with.

A few weeks ago, I came across some great home interior design ideas on how to make home furniture using old wooden boxes and pallets. Fortunately, my husband had some old wooden boxes in the garage which did great job. I took them and just painted them in a few bright colours. My advice is to let them completely dry before hanging them. My lovely husband hang my “new-old” wooden furniture on the wall in our entree. They look amazing. Here are some more ideas on DIY wooden furniture.

DIY living room table

This is one of my favourite DIY projects. Just place two wooden crates in your living room and place a beautiful colourful cover on them and you have an adorable new table. It’s so simple and nice at the same time.

DIY kids wooden furniture

If you have kids, you must know what a mess they can create with the great number of toys they have. Install 4 rolls onto the bottom of an old wooden crate and you have a great wooden box where you can store the toys of your children. If you have time you can paint, although it looks beautiful enough even if it isn’t painted.

DIY wooden furniture for flowers

I love flowers and I have hundreds of them in my home. Sometimes, I have problems finding enough space for them, but you know, there is always a little more space for another beautiful flower. You can easily create a lovely flower stand by using an ordinary wooden crate.

DIY small wooden table

DIY lovely wooden table

Last, but not least, if you like doing DIY projects and creating a great mess in your home, then make sure that you choose a reliable cleaning company. It’s very important to hire cleaners who will take care of your DIY art and will not complain of the mess you sometimes create. I love hiring Cleaners Cricklewood, because they are always on time and they are so nice. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that they cover other areas in London, but you can check.

DIY wall wooden furniture

DIY projects for your home interior is a great way to express yourself and make your place beautiful and cozy. Remember recycling is the key.