how often to get professional carpet cleaningOften I am asked questions like “What is the best carpet cleaning method?” or “How often to get professional carpet cleaning?” and in most cases I just frown. When your carpet is dirty you either clean it by yourself or you look for professional help – it is that simple! However, what I would really like to address here is what is the better choice? You’d probably accuse me that because of my years in the field of professional cleaning and home support services I am conditioned to believe that getting professional help is always the better choice. Well then, I will give you 4 good reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned whenever they need it and hopefully you’ll be convinced.

1. You are incompetent.
Let us ask you something. You need to remove the tartar from your teeth every 6 months to a year or so. Are you doing it by yourself or do you visit a specialist with a dental degree? You know all the principles, that grime needs to come off your teeth one way or another and yet you still go to the person who spent years studying dental medicine. You don’t just sit in front of the mirror and ruin your mouth. Well, what makes you think that the same doesn’t apply for carpeting? Choosing to add a carpet to your interior can cost you a lot but all will go to waste if you don’t know how to clean and take care of it properly. You don’t know what cleaning products are suitable for the fabric your carpet is made of and you don’t have the necessary equipment needed for deep cleaning procedures. How often to get professional carpet cleaning depends on how dirty your carpets get over the course of time. What is important to realize is that eventually you need professional carpet cleaning.

2. You save time.
We find this reason to be the most important one. No matter how rich you are, time is among the things money can’t buy. Look at that 5x5m carpet in your living room, how much time you’ll need to clean it properly with a brush and a bucket of soapy water? And how much time will you need to rinse it properly. And finally, you’ll have to wait for it to air dry properly. Do you really need to go through all of this? By the time you’re done with the carpet cleaning you could have read a book or worked on your projects. Time is among those few things you can’t bring back so you have to use it wisely.

3. You improve your domestic environment.
Companies that provide professional carpet cleaning services often use the method of hot water extraction or steam cleaning and if you ask us again “What is the best carpet cleaning method?” we’d probably include these two. Bacteria, house dust mites, allergens, and all other unsanitary agents can’t find their way around hot water extraction and steam cleaning. Having your carpeting professionally cleaned will dramatically improve the air quality in your home and therefore you and your family will be healthier. Did you know that just by stepping on a carpet you cause for all those germs and dust particles to become airborne? You probably already noticed but the answer to “How often to get professional carpet cleaning?” is getting closer to “As often as you can!”.

4. Because doing otherwise would be counterproductive.
Reason number 4 is actually an aggregation of all things mentioned above and probably a hundred more I didn’t address. When there is an easier and more efficient way to do something it shouldn’t be that hard to decide. Entrusting your carpets in the hands of trained professionals with years upon years of experience guarantees that you will get results that surpass your expectations. All that is left for you is to sit back and enjoy your clean and good looking carpets.