cleaners LondonScarves are fashionable, stylish and a great addition to all kind of clothing. As a scarf lover, I have a number of scarves from beautiful silk scarves to cotton ones. Although most people ask how to take care of their silk scarves, a few want to know which is the most appropriate way to wash their cotton scarves. Well, the appropriate care of scarves prolongs their life and keeps them looking great.

Maintaining a cotton scarf clean isn’t a difficult task. This doesn’t mean that you need to throw your scarf in the washing machine and push the ‘Start’ button. Although the newest washing machine have special cotton washing function, I recommend that you wash your scarf by hands.

Fill a bowl with cold water and add some soap that you usually use for washing clothes and hand wash the scarf. Carefully scrub the cotton.

Once you’ve cleaned the scarf, let it air dry. Make sure that it isn’t on direct sunlight, because it can cause whitening.

This is all you need to do to clean a cotton scarf. Although it sounds very simply, many people don’t take care of their cotton scarves the right way. I hope that I help you wash your cotton scarf without damaging it.

If any cleaners London tell you that washing a cotton scarf into a washing machine is safe, don’t believe them. Your beautiful scarves deserve the best care.

There aren’t simpler and more elegant accessories than scarves, so wear your scarves and take care of them properly.