oven cleaning servicesDo you want to have a magic wand and clean everything in your home with just a single swing? I do, especially when it comes to cleaning an oven glass. I love cooking as well as eating, but the first thing that comes up in my mind when take a look at my oven glass is to contact oven cleaning services and make an appointment.

Actually, I’ve tried several different oven cleaner, but no result. That’s why I decided to do a research in Internet and finally find a solution. As we all know Google knows everything. Believe it or not, but I found that baking soda tends to be one of the most efficient oven cleaners. Baking soda is cheap and as far as I know it’s completely harmless, so I bought one package and got down to cleaning.

Step 1: Get a glass bowl and pour about ½ baking soda into it. T hen slowly add water till it forms a thick paste. Make sure that the paste isn’t too thick, because you’ll have to spread it over the oven glass.

Step 2: It may take you some time to hit the right consistency, but once you’ve made a thick paste, you need to spread it over the oven glass.

Step 3: To clean an oven glass, you need to let the paste sit for 15 minutes. In case, your oven glass is really dirty, then you can allow the baking soda to act for 20 minutes. I’m used to forget about the time, so my advice is to set your timer.

Step 4: When 15 minutes has expired get a clean, wet rag and wipe up the baking soda mixture. You may be surprised, as I was, by how easily the dirt just wipes right off! At the end my oven glass was clean as if I’d used the services of professional oven cleaners London.

I’ve never thought that it can be so easy to clean an oven glass. If you don’t believe me, then purchased a package of baking soda, it’s really cheap, and test this simple cleaning method. I guarantee you’ll be amazed.