clean football shoesProfessional football players have it easy. They can afford having an enormous football shoe collection and buy new pairs, whenever the old ones are dirty. For those who have football as a hobby, it’s also important to have appropriate shoes for playing. Here is some advice on how to maintain your football shoes, in order to prolong their lifespan.

Football shoes are probably the most important part of the whole football equipment. There are different types, depending on the type of field, that you’ll be playing on and also on your position. You must keep this important factors in mind when buying your new pair of football cleats.

Sport equipment is getting more and more expensive this days, so it’s very important to know how to take care of it, to have the possibility of using it longer. Always take off your shoes by loosening the laces, never use extra force. London cleaning professionals advise always to remove the soil with a brush, made of natural materials.

Wipe your cleats with a soft cloth, to remove the dirt. If they’re wet for some reason, leave them drying in a natural heat. According to London cleaners drying your football shoes can make them stiff and more likely to rip easily. Stuff them with paper to maintain shape.

If your cleats are made from leather, polishing will help retaining the natural colour. After 24 hours, you can protect them even more by using oil to keep your football shoes waterproof. Synthetic materials shouldn’t be treated with oil.

Some people think washing your football cleats is bad luck, especially if you’ve scored 3 goals in the last game. Lets hope you’re not so superstitious, because a proper care will definitely extend the lifespan of your shoes.