carpet cleaning LondonYour room may look great after having been painted, but does your carpet? One of the most unpleasant things that can happen when painting your room is to spill a full paint tray on your beautiful carpet as my husband incidentally did. In situation like this, you need to act fast in order to prevent paint from damaging your carpet. I followed these steps to clean latex paint from my carpet, hope they’ll help you save your carpet.

  1. Once the spill has occurred, get a white clean cloth and blot the wet paint. Faster you act, bigger chances you have to restore the original look of your carpet. Be very careful when treating the affected area to prevent the latex paint from spreading.
  2. Use a sponge soaked into cool water to blot the stain. Make sure that you move from the outside in.
  3. Make a carpet cleaning solution of 1 teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent dissolved into a cup of lukewarm water.
  4. Use a clean, white cloth to apply the cleaning mixture onto the paint stain and blot carefully. This might be enough to clean the latex paint from your carpet.
  5. Vacuum the affected area, once it has dried.

In case, you’ve let the latex paint dry, you’d better call a carpet cleaning London company to come your home and try to restore your carpet. If you’re used to take care of your home yourself, you can find more information how to clean dried latex paint from your carpet.