Mattress CleaningUsually the mildew and mould on your furniture happen, when they are stored in your basement or garage. An underground or moisten place is the main reason for these problem. When it comes to mould and mildew, the summer is the perfect season for them to show up on your furniture. Whenever, your stored furniture has to be cleaned from mould and mildew, you should know the right way to do the job. Here, in this article, you can learn the fast and efficient cleaning technique.

First of all, take your damaged furniture somewhere outside, usually your yard or garden is a good idea. The idea behind this action is that you won’t breath the mould and mildew odours and, any outdoor task is a lot more enjoyable, especially in the summer. If you happen to do a mattress cleaning, then you’d better not lay it directly on the ground. However, make sure to always wear a face mask and rubber gloves for maximum protection. Buy a good commercial cleaner, the best option will be a special one for this type of treatment. Then, apply thoroughly the cleaning solution on the affected areas and wipe with a clean rag. You can also dip the cloth in warm water for better results. Make sure that you have treated the furniture completely.

Next, you should just let the furniture dry. However, after a mattress cleaning do not leave it on a direct sunlight, but somewhere outside, for example, you can leave it under a tree in your garden or shelter.