mould-free bathroomHave you ever asked yourself the question: “Is my home healthy and safe?”. For some people this may be a strange topic to address, but I strongly believe, it is necessary to be aware of the conditions in our living place, which have a direct influence on our health.

There are certain things, we never want to stumble upon in our home. One of them is mould. Those formations can be very health endangering, perhaps even more than you can imagine. In case you encounter such toxic formations in your place, you must take urgent safety measures. This is when knowing how to clean off mould will be an added advantage.

To be able to solve the problem, first you must know what are dealing with. According to the Oxford dictionary mould is “a furry growth of minute fungi, occurring typically in moist warm conditions, especially on food or other organic matter.”

mould spores under microscope

People exposed to mildew swear they see ghosts and their house is haunted. This is due to the hallucinogenic effect, mould spores can have. So, if you don’t feel good, moreover healthy in your home, better check if there is any moulding.

Unfortunately, the most common places where this toxic formations develop, are hidden, like behind the walls. This makes mildew invisible and therefore impossible to discover, which makes it so dangerous. Another location to inspect is your bathroom and bathtub. In case you notice mildew traces, start cleaning them immediately, following the below mentioned steps, describing how to clean off mould.

  • Provide good ventilation

Mould spores are harmful when inhaled, so the least you can do, is make sure you will be working in a well ventilated area. Wearing a protection mask and gloves is also a thing to have in mind.

  • Mix equal amounts of baking soda and white vinegar

This is probably one of the best abrasive cleaners to use in this case, which will help you eliminate the dangerous spores. Mould can be also effectively treated with bleach, ammonia or borax, but I decided to go with the most natural cleaner.

  • Use an old toothbrush to rub the spots

Working with this tiny cleaning tool will ensure, the job will get done more precisely. When getting rid of toxic formations, perfection what you are looking for.

  • Spray the bathtub with bleach water.

Bleach water will kill remaining mould residues, in case there are any left after the cleaning. After this last step, you can be positive the toxic spores are gone for good, and the surface is clean and sanitised.

If you find yourself in a situation, where there is mould anywhere else in your house, it would be best to contact experts like my cleaners in Bethnal Green , and let them clean it off soon as possible. Once mildew spores get in, they are able to spread very far. This explains the need of an immediate action.

Being aware what mould is, all the negative effects it has, and how to clean it off, brought me one step closer to my dream of living in a perfect home where the environment is healthy and safe. I hope it will have the same effect for all of you.

clean bathtub