Shag carpets come in a variety of colours and patterns which makes them a good statement piece for any room in your home. To preserve your carpet great look for many years ahead, you need to perform regular cleaning using the right methods. More delicate methods are required for some shag carpets such as wool shag rug and flokati rug, but for most types of shag carpets, a combination of several common cleaning techniques should do the work.

  1. Spills should be removed immediately when occur so a permanent staining to be avoided. Use paper towels to absorb any spilled liquid on your carpet by working from outside of the stains towards the centre so the stain does not spread.
  2. Wet a clean cloth with a stain remover, then blot at the stained area using the cloth. You can use rubbing alcohol as a cleaning solution or a mixture of equal parts water and ammonia to clean up the stain. A solution of 1 tablespoon of vinegar, ½ of detergent and 1 quart of water can also be used , just soak the stain and rinse with plain water. Another suitable solution is a mixture of one part dish-washing liquid, one part of glycerine and eight parts of water. If the carpet is heavily soiled, consider using professional cleaning services.
  3. Vacuum your shag carpet at least once a week following the manufacturer’s vacuuming instructions. Different types of shag carpets require different vacuuming techniques, and using the improper one might damage the carpet.
  4. If it is possible to bring your shag carpet for professional carpet cleaning, do it at least once a year to restore its look. Otherwise, steam clean it each year.