clean old booksIf you love to read books you’re probably a proud owner of a big library. Every now and then you must ask yourself the question how to clean your books, without ruing them and maintain your book collection properly. Here are some tips on how to do it.

It may look strange to collect books nowadays when everything is digital. Only a real bookworm will understand this point of view, how holding a book and turning it’s pages is different and much better than reading on line. Don’t get this wrong, I have nothing against modern technologies and e-books in particular. Just that old books bring memories. Holding one, that your mother and your grandmother have read, is a feeling, not easy to describe.

You must be aware what to use when cleaning your books, in order to extend their lifespan. London cleaning professionals advise to use sandpaper and soft pencil eraser to clean soiled edges. A soft brush is much more appropriate for removing dust, then a soft cloth. You should also keep the shelves clean by vacuuming regularly. To protect the books from insects you can put a piece of sandalwood inside your bookcase. To prevent bad smell, sprinkle some baking soda between the pages.

You can save books from damaging by covering them with dust jackets. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to clean afterwards. London cleaners advice is do it at least once a year if you want to maintain your books and extend their lifespan.

Books reflect our passion for knowledge and are something that we can pass down to our children and they can continue the chain and give it to their kids. This will be possible only if we keep our books clean and well-maintained.