london cleaning“Every day we touch hundreds or even thousands of surfaces without cleaning our hands afterwards. This lets all the germs and bacteria from our hands to pass to the cell phones which we use more and more often. When the phone works, it diffuses energy and heat, which creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. When talking on the phone, we hold it close to the mouth and nose which multiplies the risk of catching an infection or a disease.

Professional cleaning companies give you some tips how to disinfect your phone in order to decrease the chance of getting ill.

First switch your cell phone off and disconnect the charger or anything else plugged-in. Then put a little ethyl or isopropyl alcohol or a specialised disinfectant for electronics on a soft, lint-free and clean towel. Do not put the cleaner straight onto the device. It may cause your phone to stop or even to break down. Wipe the screen, buttons, as well as the back sides with the soaked cloth. The last thing you should do is to wipe the phone again, this time with a clean towel, without any alcohol or cleaner on it.

If you possess a touch-screen phone, pay special attention when you clean the screen. The biggest part of the residue is accumulated there but also all the censors are located just below it, so be very careful.

The advice of most London cleaning experts is to use a special screen protector no matter what kind of cell of you have. There are many different types of protectors, available on the market. They are easily removed, give extra protection and keep the phone safe. “