People use microwave ovens mainly to reheat food. The oven is used from 2 to 4 times a day because people don’t have time to cook always. Some people live with a microwave meals because they don’t have time to cook. After a long day a microwave meal takes only unveiling the cover, drilling some holes and leaving it in the microwave, which takes about 5 minutes most. It is not the healthiest meal but surely it is the fastest one according to preparation.

Microwave ovens get relatively dirty from reheating or boiling a lot of stuff. If you don’t eat healthy the least you can do is to clean it especially inside. Using a chemical based detergents is not very advisable but it is a good solution to your cleaning problem, you can also use some organic common house hold items to do the job. Here are a few pointers on cleaning your microwave. One of the ways is to use some vinegar:

1. Take a bowl and fill with water to the half then one spoon of vinegar in the water.
2. Put the bowl in the microwave.
3. Set the microwave for 5 minutes.
4. After 5 minutes open the microwave carefully because you may burn yourself take out the bowl  and remove the glass tray.
5. Cleaning N1 with paper towel is advisable because the steam looses the stains and they are easy to get out.
6. Next step is to wash the tray.
7. Put some dish soap on a sponge and wash the tray
8. Wash with hot water and let it dry

Vinegar also helps to remove nasty smells from the microwave.