Every once in a while it comes time to clean one of the most used appliances in your kitchen – the oven. It consumes a lot of time and let’s be honest – oven cleaning is pain. With all of the dirt that comes along, it’s not the most pleasant task to do. However, we can overcome every obstacle, knowing some smart and easy cleaning tips. 

Before you start cleaning your oven you have to make sure that the room is well ventilated, because of the poison emissions that the chemicals exude. Second – you have to turn the oven off, of course and you have to make sure that isn’t hot.

After you are done with this step you should prepare the equipment, that you are going use. This means gloves, brushes and all that kind of instruments. And of course than comes the already-bought-cleaner.

The oven cleaners could be available in a spray form like foam or simply-gel. The main difference is that the foam cleaners are easier to use and they are preferred from the inexperienced dwellers. In general, we could say that no matter what type of cleaners you are using, you have to watch out for drips. It is a good idea if you put some sort of old papers beneath, so it can “catch” the dripping mixture.

Now next step of the cleaning is to vacuum the inside of the oven. You should pay special attention to the hinge at the oven door and the corners. If the vacuum isn’t enough, than the toothbrush may come handy. After you are finished with the cleaning of the big parts you need to lay a layer of the cleaner ( foam or gel) and of course follow the instructions written on the back of the wrap.

It is a good if you leave the cleaner on the surface as long as possible, so it could take the maximum effect. In this time you could scrub the grills or the back and the sides of the oven.

After you are finished with the cleaning, it is very important to wipe off extremely good the oven , otherwise you are risking to get a nasty surprise right after you turn it back on.

In general, oven cleaning is really a hard work, but you shouldn’t worry. In case you don’t have the patience or the nerves to do it, there are always professionals who’s work is that- to clean the ovens of their customers.