clean rollerbladesSkating is a great hobby and every fan should know how to maintain his roller skates, in order to preserve and use them longer.

Rollerblades must be cleaned regularly, for the boots to look cool and to keep wheels rolling smoothly. Taking proper care will also ensure safe skating.

To clean your rollerblades, you’ll be needing a screw-driver, dish washing liquid and a cleaning cloth. Use the screw-driver to remove all wheels. Be careful not to loose any bolts or screws. London cleaners advise to use soapy water for cleaning. Make the cloth wet and rub gently the boot and blade. Be careful not to saturate parts too much. Take extra attention to the parts, where dirt tends to accumulate.

Bearings should be removed from the wheels and cleaned with mild dish washing soap. If you want to put more effort, professionals from London cleaning recommend the use of special bearing cleaner. This way you’ll prevent any malfunctions from happening.

Wheels harbour a lot of dirt and grease and that’s why it’s really important to give them a good wash and dry each wheel after finishing. It will ensure smooth rolling of the wheels across the surface and prevent annoying wheel noise.

Put your skates back together after the cleaning is done. Make sure that all bolts are tightened and the wheels are secure. If you’re not absolutely sure of that, better ask someone to help you do it right.

The last step is to spray foot deodorizer inside the boot, to help keep your rollerblades clean and fresh. Now you’re ready to skate the streets in style and what is even more important – safe.