tobacco odourRemoving cigarette odours can be quite a challenge. But not any more. Follow these few little steps to make sure the place is fresh even while smokers are present. Here they are:

  • Put a bowl of vinegar to make the odour disappear. You can also use vinegar to wipe the walls which have absorbed odours. Cleaners Collier’s Wood say it is better than any commercial cleaners. You can also use baking soda.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda over carpets, rugs, upholstery and everything in the room. Leave it to work for about 30 min. and vacuum all of it after that. The baking soda will absorb all the odours.
  • Spray your clothes with a laundry freshening spray to remove odours from them. You can also use it on all curtains, couches etc.
  • Cleaners Collier’s Wood suggest you use a piece of lemon to rub your hands in order to neutralise odour.
  • Place charcoal in open containers and set them around the room. After about a week, the charcoal begins to absorb the smoke odour from the air.
  • You can simply take citrus peels. Place lemon or orange peels into a bowl and leave in the room for several days. That will make the air in the room become fresh and free of smoke.
  • You can also use coffee. Put a pinch of coffee in some pouches and place them in several places around the room. The tobacco smell will be soaked up after some time, while you will enjoy the gorgeous scent of your favourite coffee.

No matter what you do, it is very hard to get rid of the odour and you will probably have to repeat all the steps several times to completely get rid of it. But the best solution is not to smoke indoors. Or at least at an open window so you can breathe the smoke out.