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You might think you know everything about cleaning, but you don’t. There is always more information to learn on every topic, and home maintenance makes exception. Read this article and discover some pretty unusual, but effective ideas to outsmart domestic chores.Devoted homemakers often ask themselves the following questions: Is it possible to reduce the time spent on cleaning, and how to do it exactly? Today is their lucky day, because we will provide them with the answers.

Always wondered how to clean all those hard-to-reach places, like under furniture pieces or cobwebs on ceilings? We have an idea. Instead of trying to move heavy objects around, or taking the risk to fall down from a chair, do it our way. It is both easy and safe. We have to confess, it’s also a bit childish, but who cares? As long as it effective, I don’t really mind turning back into my childhood.

outsmart cleaning

Take broom, or an yardstick and cover the handle with an old but clean sock. Use this “weapon” to clean all cobwebs spread on hard to reach places like under the fridge. Don’t forget to change the sock, when it gets dirty, so that you avoid smearing the dirt around, instead of cleaning it.

Another way to outsmart cleaning involves green thinking and vitamin C. Do not fear it, until you find out what it is. Let us say it the normal way – you can clean your bathroom tiles to perfection with lemon. Juice or oil, it’s your choice, whatever you have at hand.

Although it sounds unconventional, the results are outstanding and long-lasting. Besides, embracing this unusual cleaning idea is another step froward on the way to save the environment. Wondering how? By reducing the use of chemicals. And that isn’t the only benefit of this unusual cleaning method. According to domestic cleaners Brixton, lemon oil is known to prevent mould from forming, and will bring a nice, fresh scent to your bathroom.


So, next time when you prepare lemonade, just set some juice aside, to clean your bathroom tiles with. No need to wear protecting rubber gloves, lemon works as natural skin moisturiser. It just can’t get better than that – all in one and fun.

Now you know how to outsmart cleaning tasks, and even turn them up to your advantage. All what is left, is try it out.