clean hair dye stains

Hair dye stains most often occur on bathroom floors and surfaces during a hair dye application, but it is not excluded a drop of hair dye to fall on your cloth as well. Do not let dye stains to dry but treat them as soon as possible. Once they dry, it becomes more difficult to remove the stain. Make your job easier by wiping the hair dye stain right away when it happens, then try the steps below to completely remove the spot from the stained surface.


1. To remove hair dye stains from any type of fabric, make a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution to the stained area then blot with paper towels until the hair dye is gone.

2. Rubbing alcohol works well on marble surfaces. If a hair dye stain appears on a marble fixture in your bathroom or on tile flooring, pour a little rubbing alcohol over the affected area and wipe it away using paper towels, If necessary, use a scrub brush to loosen the dye from the surface.

3. Mix a carpet cleaner with warm water and scrub away any hair dye spots on your carpet. If the carpet is old and you are afraid not to damage it, consider hiring professional cleaning company such as carpet cleaners Parsons Green.

4. Use dish detergent and ammonia to remove hair dye stains from clothes. Fill a basin with warm water and then add dish detergent and small amount of ammonia to the water. Mix well then soak the garment into the solution for 20 minutes.

Expert cleaners remind us to keep leather and suede items away from hair dye as it is impossible to remove hair dye stains from such items.