When lipstick gets on the carpet, it can easily be stepped in and tracked over other sections of the carpet, forming unsightly greasy stains. Because lipstick contains dye and oil, it can be a real disaster to remove as you need to take care of the both substances.
Proper cleaning methods and products are required in order to remove the lipstick successfully from the carpet fibers, and here is what experts on carpet cleaning suggest:

1. Use a spoon to scrape the lipstick substance off the carpet. Wipe the spoon with a paper towel and continue to lift the lipstick from the carpet using the spoon until it is possible.

2. Dampen a clean sponge with dry-cleaning solvent, and blot the lipstick stain that remains on the carpet. Work from the outer edge of the stain towards the centre. Rinse the sponge as it gets dirty and add more dry-cleaning solvent before continuing with the sponging.

3. Pour 2 cups of water into a bowl, and add 1 tablespoon of each, dish-washing detergent and white vinegar. Mix the solution well, and pour some of it over the stain. Use the sponge to blot at the stained area until the lipstick stain is gone.

4. Rinse out the detergent solution with clean cloth dampened in clean water. Remove the excess moisture from the carpet by pressing a dry cloth against the wet area.

5. Let the carpet air-dry completely.

You can buy a dry-cleaning solvent form a hardware store or a dry cleaner. Remember that a lipstick stain should always be blotted or sponged, as rubbing can only spread it and even damage the carpet fibers.