Red jelly will leave a dreadful stain on a carpet if not treated on time. The Jelly melts quickly, causing red stains on the carpet within minutes. The red dye, that has penetrated into the carpet, is not easy to remove, that’s why you should act immediately when Jelly falls on your carpet.

Going to the local grocery for a carpet stain remover may cost you precious time, allowing the Jelly setting into your carpet. Once the jelly sets, you may need professional help to get rid of it. However, combining a few household items can be effective alternative to most carpet cleaning products.

The things that you will need are cleaning rags, ammonia, paper towels, iron and water.


1. Use clean paper towels to blot the stain until no more of the jelly can be lifted.

2. Sprinkle ammonia on the jelly stain and continue blotting with paper towels until no more of the stain is coming out.

3. Set the iron on low temperature and let it heat up for 5 minutes.

4. Apply another light layer of ammonia to the affected area of the carpet.

5. Soak an old cleaning rag in warm water as squeezing it to get rid of excess water.

6. Next, cover the jelly stain with the wet rag and slowly iron it. That way, the jello’s dye will be extracted from the carpet and transferred onto the rag. Do not leave the cloth to dry completely as its moisture prevents the carpet fibers from burning.

Ammonia vapours are harmful for the health. Wear protective mask as recommended by Parsons Green cleaners or pull something such as a shirt over your nose during the cleaning process.