Wax leaves very noticeable stains on any surfaces where it has been spilled. However, these stains are not difficult to remove if you know how to proceed. Here are some simple techniques that will help you to remove candle wax from either soft or hard surfaces.

  1. Wait for the wax to cool down, and manually remove as much of it as you can. Use ice cubes to harden the wax even more, and scrape it off with spoon or credit card. Be careful not to damage the surface! Vacuum up or dust off any loosen pieces of wax.
  2. If the stained surface is non-flammable, you can use a hair dryer to remove the remaining wax. Heat the hair dryer on low setting and use it to melt the wax. Use a clean cloth to remove the melted wax. According to professional cleaners in St John’s Wood, this method is more appropriate for a hard surfaces such as a tables.
  3. For wax stains on fabrics and other soft materials such as carpets, you can use an iron instead of a hair dryer. Lay a paper towel on top of the stained area, and run a low heated iron over it. The paper towels will absorb the melted wax, leaving a wax-free surface.
  4. For extra small stains, try using a hot metal spoon. Heat a spoon and follow the same method as you would with the iron.
  5. Remove any wax stains caused by coloured candle using a multi-surface cleaner if the stained surface is hard, or pre-treat any textiles with a suitable stain remover and launder as usual. For carpet wax stains, you can consult with carpet cleaning St John’s Wood team for an appropriate cleaning solution.