We all want to enjoy a clean and good-looking carpet in our house. But this is very hard if we have pets or children. There are always spills and spots on it, which are hard to deal with. But it is not an impossible task after all.

One of the most important things to do to remove the carpet stain permanently, is to deal with it as it happens. That’s what the most professional cleaning services recommended. After you blot the liquid spills on the rug, you can use soap, vinegar and even baking soda to remove the spot. Use small amount of the solution you decided to use in order not to spread it, if you soak the carpet.

When you spill coffee or tea, try dish-washing liquid or soap. It is recommended to try it on one of the corners first to make sure that it is not going to ruin the rug or to vanish its colours. The most stubborn stains are those made from blood, grease or ink. Although they seem very hard to be removed, they could be easily cleaned with a paste, made of baking soda and water.

For spots by nail polish that stuck to the carpet, you can try one really effective way. Put some ice cubes on it to harden the stain and then scrape it off. If you are afraid not to ruin your carpet, call your carpet cleaning services to do it for you. They are going to make it look like a brand new one.