You don’t always have to be a professional interior designer, to decide which colour is right for the kitchen walls or which upholstery will suit the other home decor items. Here are several tips which can get you started with the basics of colour combinations:

  •   If you combine the natural colour of wood with light green in the kitchen and living room, you will create a harmonious atmosphere similar to real nature.
  •   The orange colour is suitable not only for furniture and walls, but also for accessories placed around the house. A real sun will rise in your kitchen, if you buy appliances in this colour, such as a toaster, a juice extractor or a fruit bowl.
  •   Black and white is a classic combination, which creates classy and elegant atmosphere. It is suitable for every room in a property and will never get old.
  •   You can cover the floors of the rooms with ceramic tiles in check-board order. This style looks elegant and clean. Another variation of this idea is to put black marble with white borders or white tiles with black joints.
  •   Why not go even further than that and hang sheer black curtains, which will contrast to the white walls and window frames?
  •   If your bed is made from wrought iron, you can paint it in black, put snow-white covering and scatter several decorative pillows with black and white textile patterns (stripes, check-board or zebra).
  •   A modern red lounge in the corner of a room or an antique candelabra in golden colour can be the perfect accent for a black and white room.
  •   The black and white combination is a bit dramatic for a teenager’s room. Therefore, it’s recommended to add an item in bright colour such as red, pink, dark blue or purple.

These are just a few suggestions on how to use colours in your home decor. You can experiment and find the best combination for your home style and way of life. A good tip to keep the bright colours alive is to regularly perform upholstery cleaning. In this way even the old pieces of furniture will look like brand new.