We all have jewellery that we care about and that we want to look good. There are several ways to do that :

  • To clean on our own
  • To hire professionals to do it.

If you want to clean silver you can fill a bucket with water, put some aluminium foil in it and sprinkle baking soda. The reaction will make the silver shiny and will prevent any scratches from appearing. The only thing here is to make sure that the silver is in constant contact with the foil. At the end of the procedure, you will need to wipe good and your silver jewellery will look fine.

Ultrasonic cleaning is another method that can be used. There are special machines that can do that for you. These are not expensive, they are made from stainless steel inside and which makes them really durable and strong and perfect for daily use. The machine heats the water which increases the quality. The display of the machine shows the time, the temperature and everything that you need to know so the whole cleaning procedure can be controlled by you.
If you want to clean steel in the ultrasonic cleaner, you have to fill it with soapy water or special cleaning solution and put it on for 2-3 minutes. The results will amaze you and the ease with which the whole procedure is performed is also very impressive.

The professional cleaning services London companies recommend also cleaning with baking soda only. According to them this also achieves great results and it is very cheap to be performed.

So, if you want your jewellery to be shiny and neatly looking, clean it properly and regularly. If you need more tips on cleaning metal see them here!