People that live in rented places are obligated by contract to perform at the end of tenancy thorough clean-up of the whole place. The contract states that at the end of tenancy clean and tidy place has to be presented in front of the landlord. This is one of the conditions that will give you the right to receive your deposit back.

Keeping the kitchen clean is something completely manageable and if you are persistent enough it will give you big advantage when you have to clean thoroughly at the very end of your stay. Now there are some simple examples of how to do that. Change the dishcloth regularly, don’t leave it to turn into a dirty, worn rag. Don’t leave the kitchen sink to overflow with dirty dishes, pans and cutlery. This could be nice spot for growth of bacteria. Don’t throw leftovers in the sink draining pipe. It could get clogged. Keep the floors grease free by giving them a quick brush or wipe-down with a mop every time you spill something. In case you have pets don’t let them access places like tables and counters, or basically any places that food is usually put onto.

Keeping the kitchen clean at all times means healthy environment and less cleaning work at the end of the contract, when professional end of tenancy cleaning service will be needed for sure.