You know how it happens, you receive a call from your friends, telling you that they are coming in 30 minutes. The house is a mess and you are petrified. How can you clean it so fast without being a professional cleaner? Don’t worry, if there is a will there is a way. In this little guide, I’m going to list the top priorities for a quick cleaning so you can make the best for the little time you’ve got.

Clean The Clutter

Lots of stuff is sitting around without any purpose, take a look at all horizontal surfaces and try to remove excess items. If you feel desperate that you don’t have any other place to put your stuff, you can grab a trash bag and throw it in there. This is last resort measure but if the circumstances leave you no choice go fo it. The so-called “drop off points” must be put in order before your guests come.


If you haven’t cleaned in a while you probably have lots of dust on your furnishings and floors. Grab a microfiber cloth and bottle spray filled with water, you don’t need anything else, just remember to go from top to bottom. Clean the frames, wipe all window and door frames, paintings need your attention too. After you are done with your furniture you can vacuum the floors as large amount of dust just dropped on top of them. Cut this one short, you are not a professional carpet cleaner and you don’t have the time.

The Restroom

Why should you do that? The chances are somebody will need to pee and a messy toilet will make their eyes roll. It needs to be spotless and fast, so what do we do? Keeping large wipes in your toilet and kitchen would be very beneficial because you can instantly wipe the mess. Go around the toilet seat until is shiny. Then it is time to check the mirror and clean all spots.

Throw The Garbage

Garbage is a source of bad odours you want all waste baskets to be emptied and the trash thrown in to the bin. Rush outside to throw it because the guest may be at your doorstep already.

You don’t have much time left if any and you probably got dirty while you were cleaning. Wash yourself, put new clothes and you are set up. I know what you are thinking: “why didn’t I call the professional carpet cleaners a week ago?”. Don’t you worry, you can’t be one step ahead of time.