Fresh_Yellow_LemonLemon is a fruit we all have at hand in our kitchens. It is a good salad dressing, perfect for seasoning meat and other dishes. But apart from cleaning, lemon can be a very effective green cleaning product. Here are some unusual applications of lemon as a green cleaning product.
Before we start with the essential tips there is something you should bear in mind. Lemon is a natural source of acids. This may cause discolouration to fabrics, whitening to clothes and etc. You can easily avoid this by having some clear water at hand so any time you do carpet cleaning you can be sure you can rinse right away.

Cleaning ink stains – this is a nightmare, ink gets spilled not that frequently, but any one working with printers and other office equipment is aware of the risk. Ink is not so difficult to remove if you have a lemon to treat the stain with. Lemon juice will loosen the stain. You can even add some salt and rub with a brush. Then, remember to rinse it.

Cleaning berry stains – summer is the season when fruits are abundant. Berries are among our favourite summer treats. But the stains they leave are not that pleasurable. There are many harsh products used in carpet cleaning that will remove any stains, but when you care for your health, lemon is the solution. Few drops lemon juice on the carpet will dissolve the berry stain. Then take it out in the open if possible and put under direct sun light. This is the trick to whiten all stains on clothes, too.