Moving house is really complicated, including many things to do before the day you leave the house. The best way to survive a house move is to begin with planning a bit earlier and to create a schedule that shows what you have to do week by week in the right consequence leading up to the moving day. In the current article an example for such moving day check-list is presented to get a clear idea and help you in creating your own. The time to begin getting rid of clutter and to start with collecting boxes and stop throwing the newspapers into the trash, because you have no idea how useful they could be in moving. Everyone of us has things, which are not so useful for the owner, so in moving get rid of the things that you won’t use anymore at your new house. So give your old items to charity or hold a garage sale to make your load less heavier and start saving boxes in different sizes, which you will need of, for packing.

Don’t rush your luck and wait for the last moment to start searching for boxes and newspapers, because moving would seem to you like hell.

When you get into the 6th week before the actual moving day, check your options to hire move out cleaning London company. They will care about moving your stuff from the current house to the new one and do the cleaning of the house you leaving and even that one you are going to live in. Start consuming the food in the fridge so you won’t have to move it or throw it.

One week before the final moving day finish packing with items that you don’t need to use during the day, such as clothing, toiletries and other little things.

Be sure to hire a good end of tenancy clean company to clean the old home in order to the terms of your agreement so that you can receive your security deposit back in full, if you are a tenant.