cleaning services londonIf you want to clean your windows using natural cleaning products like club soda and vinegar instead of the toxic commercial blue windows cleaners, here is my favourite windows cleaning solution which is absolutely environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time. Here are also some simple tips on how to use it for ultimate result.

1) Before starting cleaning your windows, make sure that there are enough clouds in the sky so that the direct sunlight will not dry the cleaning solution quickly and leave streaks on the windows.

2) Once you’ve chosen the right day for windows cleaning, prepare your natural homemade windows cleaner by combining 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and 24 oz lukewarm water.

3) Pour the cleaning solution into a spray bottle.

4) According to most of the experts providing cleaning services London, the cheapest and most efficient windows cleaning tool is undoubtedly newspapers. So ensure that you supply yourself with enough newspapers.

5) If you don’t like the smell of vinegar or you aren’t in the mood to pull out the measuring spoon, then you can use club soda as it does great job. Just add it straight to the spray bottle. Spray and wipe with newspapers.

Although the easiest way to clean your windows is to use windows Fantastic Cleaners London, I recommend that you try this great natural windows cleaner which makes windows cleaning a much easier and eco-friendly task. When it comes to home cleaning make sure that you use only natural products in order to reduce the nature pollution and eliminate the risk of allergic reactions.

Here is my favourite cleaning quote:

Go Green – Stay Clean!