In the UK most of the people own a dog, or a cat, or even more unusual pets. This pretty much means that we are a nation of pet lovers, and in fact, the four-legged are usually a part of the family. However, they are a serious threat if kept indoors.

Urine stained carpets is a commonly faced issue, which often requires professional carpet cleaning assistance. Accidents will always happen, and the household pets may even urinate on a similar place several times. Even if the stain is cleaned away, a bad odour and smell could be left until a major restoration work is done. Urine could be invisible to the eye, but once soaked through the carpet it contaminates its backing and even the floorings surface below. But do no overestimate the trouble, because your flooring is not ruined and carpet cleaning services could always ease your troubles away. In this direction, do not fool yourself thinking that you can mask the smell with any of the general household cleaning methods. It is not likely you will succeed and could even result in damaging your carpet even more.

Another decision to alleviate carpet cleaning is to have a mat personally for the pet. This would make your dog or cat go directly to its place instead of fooling around your precious furniture. So do not choose between pet and carpet but have both. A radical solution is either to train your dog or prevent it from entering the given room.

However, not all the smell is due to accidents such as the aforementioned urine, vomit and etc. Your pet loves spending time laying on the sofa, the carpet. Its natural smell permeate into the fibres so the best possible solution is to even have a designed pet area or in the last resort to get rid of your stinky little buddy.