Your home is your temple. Therefore you should care about it and maintain it regularly. This will not only make your property look good but it will also save you money and time. It’s better to invest small amounts from time to time, instead of making a big home improvement caused by wear and tear or neglect. No matter if you are a tenant, a landlord or a home-owner, you should understand that the property needs regular maintenance.regular-maintenance

Tenants can ask their landlord to show them the London inventory report, which includes all previous renovations. From this document the tenants can also see how old are the different appliances, if they have been broken before, if the inhabitants should expect wear and tear, etc. Discuss with your landlord how much of the maintenance he will handle and what is your responsibility.

Below, you will find several tips which can help any landlord, tenant or home-owner to minimize the maintenance cost:

Refresh the paint
This is one of the easiest and not very expensive home projects that can quickly change the atmosphere in your property. The beautiful and fresh colours will instantly make your home look good and cosy.painting

Use DIY ideas
DIY projects are becoming more and more popular these days. Hundreds of bloggers are uploading new ideas every week, you just have to know what you want to improve and you will find more than one solution. Most of the DIY home projects are even budget-friendly and you will save money by following such tips.

Buy only what you need
I know that most men would love to have a huge set of expensive tools. But are they really going to use them? A good advice is to buy only the resources you will actually need. If there are any leftover materials, don’t throw them away. Save them for later, because they can come in hand again for another maintenance

Don’t forget the garden
Of course, if you have one. Mow the grass, trim the bushes and decorative trees. In this way you will avoid damaging the masonry and you will keep the good look of your home.

When you finish will the major improvements, remember to add them to the home inventory London report.