Every kitchen is important part of the interior of the house and as the holidays are coming, we are going to use this room more than ever. How can we prepare the Christmas dinner if the kitchen is a mess and it needs thorough cleaning. Let’s check how to deal with the problem in five easy steps.

Start with the counters. It is time to get rid of everything which cannot be used any more. Take a trash bag and put inside each item that is useless and old, or those that don’t belong there such as small pieces of paper and mails. Use proper all purpose cleaner, which can be used for floor cleaning as well, and wipe the counters.

You have to do the same with the fridge. Throw away everything that you are not going to use especially spoiled food. Then remove the shelves to wash them in a proper solution and clean the fridge from the inside. Wipe with vinegar in the end to remove any unpleasant odours.

Clean the stove and the handles of the oven. It depends on the time when you choose to handle the cleaning. If it is the day of Christmas, then you don’t have to clean the oven from inside. Just remove the grease from the top using a sponge and baking soda.

Wash the dishes. For how long you’ve been planning to do that? There is no time to postpone it now and after all this is not upholstery cleaning, so you’d better get the dish-washing detergent and the gloves and finally wash them. When you are done, use the same sponge to clean the sink.

And last but not less important is to clean the floor. A regular vacuuming will be enough in order to remove dust, dirt and crumbs if there are any.