By simplifying your garden you will simplify your garden maintenance routine which will  automatically simplify your life. Here are some tips on how you can simplify your garden.

Develop a garden plan – By having a garden plan you will ease your garden concerning decisions. When you are  drafting your garden plan the first thing that you should do is to clarify the purpose of your backyard. Most people tend to use their garden for outdoor activities or relaxation. Of course you can also craft a plan that foresees multiple uses of the garden. The next thing that you should carefully consider when you are writing the garden plan is the material that you wish to use to build the hard surfaces.

Define plating areas – If you are planning on  adding some trees, bushes, flowers or plants in your garden make sure to define the advance planting areas. This will ease the planning of your patio’s position as you will know where there will be shade after time and where there will be trees that you wish to avoid. Also if you plan on growing your own fruits and vegetables having redefined planting areas will facilitate the choosing of the right spot for the various foods that you  plan to grow.

Water plan – By knowing the exact position of your plants and patio you will be able to install the sprinklers in a manner that will water the plants most efficiently without watering the patio on which you, your family and friends will gather to have some quality time.

Cleaning plan – By having a cleaning plan prior to the completion of your garden you will be able to know when which garden maintenance or cleaning tasks you must execute. Also you will be able to plan in advance when you will need to seek professional help. In terms of garden cleaning Berrylands has several firms that you can hire at very affordable prices.