People who are living in rented homes often have to perform at the end of the lease period one really good clean-up. They have to choose between professional end of tenancy cleaning or they have to clean on their own. But before that time to come there are plenty of stuff that one persistent tenant could take care of. Such as solving the problems with the wooden furniture and flooring at the place. Here are few situations that you may come across. Burn marks on the wooden surface could be removed with paste of cigarette ashes, linseed oil and few drops of peppermint. Simply apply on the surface and rub gently. Crayon marks could be removed with peppermint essential oil combined with a little bit of toothpaste. Again apply on the affected area and wipe clean with cloth. If you spill something greasy on the wooden floors, hurry up to place ice on the spot in order to prevent further penetration into the wood. If the floor has penetrating finish, spread some vegetable oil soap and few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Then treat the stain with cotton cloth. Painted floors could be cleaned up well with mixture from washing soda and sage tea put tougher in warm water. Scratches from light coloured woods can be removed with lemon juice and olive oil. Simply spill a little bit on the surface and rub carefully. Deeper scratches could be filled with crayon.

Such simple operations could be performed during the whole period of residence. This will reduce the final price. End of tenancy cleaning London prices could vary based on what you have accomplished and what not.