Many times, when it comes the time to clean before you move out, you start to wonder where to start from. The easiest way out seems like the professional end of tenancy cleaning services, provided by one of the major cleaning companies. But it isn’t necessary always to leave everything for the last moment. You as a tenant, have to take responsibility and do some of the cleaning by yourself.

One the so called small task, that you could do during the time of your residence is to take care of areas like the tiles in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The tiles in the kitchen and in the bathroom are one of the areas in the home, that get dirty real easy. They easily accumulate grease or mildew especially if there is right environment for that. And there always is. But with the help of cleaning detergents you could stop this process. You can use natural cleaning solutions like vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda. If they don’t work good for you than you probably switch to chemical cleaners. And of course, as a safety precaution you have to wear protective gloves while you are using any chemicals. Another important thing is that you be aware of what could happen if you mix two or more of those chemical together, in case you decide to make more strong cleaning solution. Sometimes the combination of different chemicals could lead to release of danger fumes. Could be dangerous for you health.

After you got the cleaning mixture by your side, you have to apply it on the tile surface and probably let it sit for a while. After that, you have to put some effort by scrubbing with a cloth or brush, but be cautious not to do damage or leave scrubbing traces. The joints between the tiles are the most critical areas and you have to pay special attention to them. Still be careful, if you scrub to hard you could cause the grout, that keeps them together to fell off, and that is not our purpose.

For your bathroom tiles, you could use soap scum removing cleaners. Most of the cleaners used for that, are usually good for removing mildew and mould in the bathrooms.

The end of tenancy clean cost is the price, that you have to pay at the end of your tenancy contract. Whether are you going to clean all by yourself or you are going to hire someone to do that you will have to spend time and resources. The point is that you could save yourself some good money by taking care of some areas on time.